Free Electricity Certificate

The form below is a representation of a Free Electricity Certificate (given here for informational purposes only). It is the document that is received from a UCSA dealer when a person registers for free electricity.
International Tesla Electric Company
Registration For A Free Electricity Generator On A Residence
N0    00000000
DEALER: _______________________________
DATED:   _______________________________
ITEC and UCSA are dedicated in their effort to produce clean, efficient electricity, generated with a natural, safe, non-polluting, unlimited energy source sent by our Creator for our free use. UCSA dealers in good standing may exercise their right to grant supporters access to a free electricity machine. In so doing, they are providing you an opportunity to make your own "Declaration of Energy Independence." When you use this technology you will be helping to reduce fossil fuel pollution as well as helping eliminate the use of harmful atomic radioactive power plants. You have not made any payment for this alternative energy source, to be provided to you for your own use at absolutely no cost to you for the electricity you use! You will never be required to pay anything to receive the technology "if and when" it is ready for application to homes in the USA. You will not own this machinery, but will have the use of 26,000 kilowatts of the electricity it produces each year on your property forever.

The equipment provided shall be serviced and maintained by ITEC (or its appointee) at no charge, for as long as ITEC remains in business selling electricity commercially. If you do not own the property where this unit will be installed, you must get the approval of the property owner. This relationship may be willed to your heirs upon your death. This entitlement cannot be sold, mortgaged, pledged, or otherwise reassigned, except to heirs, without the approval of ITEC. This registration is not a guarantee that this will happen, as there are many factors in this offer that are beyond the control of ITEC and its affiliates. You agree to cooperate with ITEC to make this happen in every way possible.

The company acknowledges your position in line for the use of a FREE ELECTRICITY MACHINE to be delivered and installed on your home, "if and when" they are available on a "first come, first served" basis. This document is uniquely numbered and will be registered with the office by the dealer named herein. A Letter of Confirmation will be mailed from ITEC/UCSA as confirmation of receipt. You may be required to show identification and to produce BOTH this document and The Letter of Confirmation intact to verify your entitlement. It shall be your responsibility to stay in contact with ITEC and provide ITEC with a change of address and/or phone number, if you move. If ITEC cannot easily locate you it may result in the forfeiture of this entitlement, solely at ITEC's discretion.

ITEC reserves the right to refuse to honor any registration for cause.