The International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC), a newly formed business created for the sole purpose of advancing a revolutionary technology to produce low-cost, green electricity, plans to offer to sell electricity in all fifty states of the United States and all provinces of Canada. What follows is a plan to eliminate the need for any fossil fuel or nuclear power plants in North America, and to decentralize electricity production in the USA. This is a plan to shut down every coal, gas, oil and nuclear power plant in the USA within the next five years. A low-cost, nonpolluting form of electricity production will take their place. This plan takes into consideration the fact that many powerful self-interest groups do not think this is a good idea. It also considers that the banking system may be hesitant to finance such a revolution. It is a plan to recruit the largest self-interest group in North America to stand with us against these other self-interests.

This plan rests on three main premises:
  • The first is that it is technologically possible to produce low-cost, green electricity.
  • The second is that big business will stop at nothing to maintain its status quo and to protect its markets.
  • The last, and most important premise, is that the only self-interest group in the United States capable of influencing a change in electricity production is its people.

To gain more information on the first premise, the reader can review the evidence on this website. The second premise is already widely known and does not require a superior intelligence to grasp. This essay is primarily about the last premise and a strategy to involve the largest self-interest group in America . . . the people!

In the late 80’s we were ready for the electric revolution, but we failed to see the importance of critical mass public awareness. We made the mistake of thinking that all we needed was a working model of the technology. It was a great learning experience. You can read all about that in a book I wrote called, The Alternative. I wrote that book from a prison cell when the state of California put me in prison without a trial or a conviction. They were willing to play that card mainly because they did not want mass public awareness to develope in what I was doing.

We have learned since then that when the public is involved, the rules change. However, the media cannot be relied upon to inform the public about anything that is against the interests of its largest advertisers and stockholders. Freedom of the press belongs to whoever owns the press. When I operated a program to break their media freeze, the response I got was: “Go directly to jail.” My Public Awareness Advertising Plan got me thrown in prison without a trial! There was no trial because they had no time for a trial. I ran an ad on nationwide TV which showed me cutting a power line with the voiceover announcing that the American people could disconnect from the electric company and never pay an electric bill again. I made so much money selling an information kit from that ad that I turned a million dollar ad campaign into a multimillion dollar ad campaign in a couple of months. At the rate I was going, every time an American turned on his TV he would be watching me cut a power line and hearing my little pitch. It caused the US Supreme Court to take a major risk in a precedent-setting move they have only made once in all of US history (read the book). They condoned putting an American citizen into prison without a trial or conviction.

My wife asked my lawyer, “How can they get away with doing this to my husband?” The answer showed me why public awareness is so important. The lawyer replied, “They can do anything they want to do, to anyone they want to do it to, as long as there are not too many people watching.” The point was made loud and clear to me--I did not have enough people watching! When I assembled 600 people in Los Angeles to witness my initial technology, all it got me was arrested. My technologies were confiscated without anyone seeing anything. We later proved we could make free electricity in a court of law, but that was like the proverbial tree falling in the woods without a sound. The media refused to cover the event. I became convinced that in order to get past all the dirty tricks employed to stop free enterprise in North America, there needs to be a massive demonstration in every state of the United States and every territory of Canada.

I have learned enough about the legal system to know how they try to conceal their true motives with “Consumer Protection.” If anyone claims to have such a technology, the court could give the Attorney General and/or the Sheriff the right to come in and take it in order to have it tested by an “independent and unbiased” scientist to see if it really works. In fact they can do that even though no one gives anyone any money to get involved as a witness. In the late 80’s the “independent and unbiased” scientist who tested my technology just happened to work for the Consolidated Edison Electric Company in California. Needless to say, they found that the technology did not work. I noticed there was no punishment of any kind for this "expert" after we later proved in court that I was able to make free electricity and all the criminal charges against me were dropped. It seems dumb to crapshoot with the future of the world by betting on the integrity (or bravery) of a "scientist" who is probably already owned by my opposition. If he says my stuff works he’s dead, and if he says it doesn’t he’s rich. What would any family man do?

Having two demonstrations in every state helps negate each state’s ploy of testing the technology for “consumer protection” because that tactic works only if you confiscate just ONE of the TWO units. If you take them both you’re showing that you’re out to stop the entire program. But if you take only ONE you’re showing that you’re simply testing it. Given that senario, the fact that one is being demonstrated before a football stadium size crowd while a test is conducted on the other would likely keep the “independent and unbiased” scientist unbiased. This is the reason for having two demonstrations and, since you don’t know which machine will be confiscated they both have to be big, well promoted, and well attended events. Having two “Woodstock Rock Concerts” in every state would be hard to keep quiet, and impossible for the media to ignore. We would not only get past the dirty tricks of the legal and political system, but we’d get the media in the bargain. Having two football stadium size events with everyone witnessing the end of all pollution and energy shortages would be too tough even for those spin meisters not to cover.

We determined the size for the one hundred (two per state) demonstrations by counting backwards. If there were 16 million homes that had a 30 kWh generator on them pumping all their excess power back into the grid 24 hours a day for all 365 days a year, then we could literally provide ALL the electricity this nation consumed last year and then some. In fact it comes close to 1.5 times as much. So, there would be no reason to disconnect more than about 15% of the homes from the grid and let those homes feed the grid all the power it needs. It certainly does decentralize power production (we will discuss that more fully further on in this essay). Our goal then is to locate 16 million homes to use as our “power plant sites.” That is a lot of red-blooded American voters for any politician to tick off, so that would very definitely get the attention of the politicians. It would neutralize them at worst and make supporters out of them at best. In fact 1/100th of that number in every state would be a lot of red-blooded voters for any governor or state congress to tick off.

Of course, it is a tall order to get 16 million people in this country behind us, especially with all the media, Attorney Generals, BBB (“Big” Business Bureau), and other members of the good ol’ boy team on the hunt. So, we got the idea of initially getting only ten percent of that number. Then, after they’ve come to the event and the technology has been proven, we will allow each of them to go home and select nine of their friends and family to disconnect from their energy bills for the rest of their lives. Thus, while starting off with only 1.6 million witnesses, we could get all the rest of the 16 million pretty much overnight. One hundred demonstrations divided into 1.6 million witnesses means we can invite 16,000 witnesses to each demonstration. That is a lot. Each of them coming in a car means a lot of cars. Why not encourage them to bring some friends to this historic event? We figured that with an average of four people per car, that would boost the attendance to 64,000 witnesses. Some of them may have friends who want to bring their own carload, so filling a football stadium should not be a problem.

The idea is to have the demonstrations all on the same day, all at the same hour. Until that time we will NEVER claim to HAVE a completed free electricity device, so there is nothing to confiscate until the day of the event. We plan to drive in with the demo units set up on flatbed trailers as self-contained demonstrations. I guess the officials will have to get a court order and disappoint a whole football stadium full of witnesses to haul one off to a private place to test it for “consumer protection.” However, I doubt that even one of these demo units will be confiscated. If so, then there will be two football stadiums of witnesses in each state for a total of one hundred across the United States with somewhere between 6 and 7 million people who will witness our demonstration. I would say that this achieves the deterrent needed to keep the opposition from playing the usual “dirty tricks.” Of course the media will have to cover the event and report whether or not the device did or did not actually make free electricity. Once the public is aware, we will be well on our way to gaining every home we need for grid access to replace all the fossil fuel and nuclear power plants with green energy. All we have to do then is to fund and build the units.

Funding the building and installation of 16 million 30 kWh generators at the estimated cost of $9,000 per unit could get pretty expensive. If the most rich and powerful people in the world do not want to see this program happen, it would be unreasonable to think that the banking system would be anxious to loan us the money to build our units. So, what is the plan to finance such a massive undertaking? We are going to let the first 1.6 million witnesses help us find the initial funding and then let the electric companies provide the rest we need. The incentive that will draw the initial 1.6 million witnesses to the public demonstrations (in spite of what the media, big business, or public officials do to dissuade them) is the promise that they may never have to pay another energy bill at their home again (possibly for the rest of their life). Everyone who comes (or sends a second) to the event will be rewarded with an allocation of up to 26,000 kWh of free electricity every year for as long as we can sell the excess power produced by our units. Since the average ALL ELECTRIC home uses only about 17,000 kWh per year, our allocation of free power to the witnesses will be about 1.5 times as much as will be needed to power all their appliances for hot water, heat, air conditioning, lights, motors, etc. That carrot will be what will get them to the show, and when the technology is proven at the show, they will likely spread the good news to their family and friends. These friends (who may even have scoffed at them for believing in such a “free lunch”) will suddenly be seeing the evidence of our program all over the media. At that point, however, the cost to sign up for free electricity will be $2,000. There will be no problem charging people this money once the technology is proven. The 1.6 million witnesses who attend the demonstrations will be given the chance to offer nine of their friends the opportunity to pay $2,000 to be ultimately disconnected from the grid and possibly never pay an energy bill again as long as they live! Half of that money will be used to build a free electricity machine for our initial 1.6 million witnesses. The other half will go to our dealers for them to use to prepare their businesses.

But how do we fund the other 14.4 million units? There are two answers to that. First, if the banking community realizes that we can get all our funding without them, then they may be more apt to make loans to us. This could mean that the building of these units would be done faster than the estimated five year plan we have in mind. The second answer would be to use the income from selling the excess power the unit makes back to the electric companies. One 30 kWh unit puts out 262,800 kWh per year. If you subtract from that the 26,000 that would be set aside for the initial witnesses to use for free, then the net result is 236,800. ITEC plans to wholesale this excess power to the electric companies for 5 cents per kWh for an annual income of $11,840 per unit. This would mean that the payback for each unit would be well under one year. It is easy to see how each unit could produce enough income to capitalize the building of another machine with just one year’s crop of electricity.

In the first year of a five year plan we would begin with 1.6 million units on the homes of our initial witnesses. These units would produce enough income to build another 1.6 million units for year number two. That means that in our second year we have the original 1.6 million plus the other 1.6 million bought with the first year’s cash flow, for a total of 3.2 million free electricity machines in place. Of course these would produce enough cash flow to build another 3.2 million units for a total of 6.4 million units going into year number three. Then, we would have 6.4 million units producing enough cash flow to fund another 6.4 million units for a total of 12.8 million units going into year number four. It is easy to see that the 16 million units needed to provide 150% of all the electricity needs of this country (without any fossil fuel pollution or potentially lethal radiation contamination) could be built within 5 years of starting, even if the bankers refused to make any loans to us at all! So, the key to the whole plan is not only to have the technology ready, but to also have all the witnesses. If we have the technology without the witnesses then the tree shall, once again, fall in the woods with no one to hear it (as it did in the late 80’s).

Now let me briefly reveal what can be done to force the cooperation of the electric utilities in this effort. In the first place, the electric utilities have to be mindful of public opinion. Even though they have been deregulated (I believe due in large part to my own efforts with Congress in 1996) it does not mean it will be easy to get their cooperation. They most likely do not want to deal with mavericks like us and will probably resist giving us our price for electricity at 5 cents per kWh. Many places currently pay less than that for it. But cities like New York City, L.A., San Diego, Honolulu, Chicago, and other places where they are paying a big price for power and the dense population will not let them pollute or build nuclear plants to provide their power, will have no problem paying our price. So, we will sell it mainly in those places first. We can put our little 30 kWh units on homes anywhere to feed any grid. Our first two years of expansion are pretty much guaranteed. Even if the big boys have competing technology, they will not bring it out until they lose that much market share. For those companies who resist buying our power, we could employ technologies like the Negawatt Circuit and the Tornado Engine that would give them fits. We believe that if these other technologies are shown to the power companies they will see that resistance is futile. When we have converted a large enough segment of the market share to a green energy source that can eliminate fossil fuel pollution, then public perception (even though only about 15% of the residential market will ever be directly connected to us) will force a major change in power production in our favor. Of course with a large segment of the supply on our side of the ledger, we will be able to put the coal guys out of the acid rain production business by merely dropping our wholesale prices for one year. Ours is almost all profit, and once the unit is paid for, there are no fuel costs to produce electricity for the grid. They won’t be able to compete.

One-third of the power used in this country is used by commerce. One-third is used by industry. The other third is residential. The program we are proposing for decentralizing power production in this country involves working with the electric utilities to help them maintain almost all the market share. Only 15% of one-third of the market will not be buying power from them. That is a loss of only 5% of the total overall market. Over 95% of the total consuming market will remain intact, and we could supply the power for all of it. If, on the other hand, we decided to go the other way and started to disconnect the big industrial or commercial users, you would witness the failure of all utility companies. We believe we have the technology that could eliminate them any time we want to. But that is bad for business and very bad for the security of this nation. Of course, the big boys will not be happy about losing the control they now exercise over the liberty of the people of this nation by having them dependent upon the centralization of their energy needs. If they should refuse to work with us we stand poised to counteract the abuse of the grid with the Tesla Coil Wireless Alternative to the grid.

Our plan is good for America and it is good for freedom. It will create far more jobs than it displaces. We will still need the meter readers and grid tenders. We will not, however, need the same number of power plant personnel. But a whole lot of jobs will be created to build our units along with all the control devices for them.  Then there will be all the jobs needed for installing and maintaining them. We could also use American labor and manufacturing to create jobs at home supplying all the other countries of the world with hardware.

In conclusion, why crapshoot with what we have to offer? People who say we do not need this kind of public awareness to get the job done may be right. But we believe that, overkill or not, this approach is unstoppable. We have fought a long and difficult battle. We have witnessed firsthand how ruthless and effective our opposition is. We would rather overestimate them and easily defeat them than to underestimate them and lose the only chance we may ever have to advance a sane energy alternative in America. All we want is a chance to prove our technology on a level playing field.

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The writers of this essay are not claiming that they currently have a free electricity technology that is ready right now for the market, but they do think they have shown the public on two national tours enough scientific proof for the reasonably enlightened person to believe it is possible. They are only seeking the opportunity to have public demonstrations in multiple legal jurisdictions in every state on the same day and hour, with football stadium sized crowds present to avoid all the “dirty tricks” of the biased media and corrupt public officials that typically prevent fair competition in America. If you believe America should have access to a technology that could produce green electricity for its citizens, then please read this essay on why critical mass public awareness is necessary.
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